Working with Geos

What to expect when working with Geos, start with 'Brutal honesty' is a must for him, fun and plenty of foul language and finger signs (as in joking) follows loyalty, friendship & brotherhood.

Dedication and perfectionism in the song writing.

Plenty of experience live, confidence and raw power on stage.

The main thing is he needs to believe that what he's doing is great to be happy.

Passion is well shown in his bass playing and sweat and balls are left on stage in every gig as if it was his very last one. Down to Earth and very realistic. Straight to the point as there's no time to lose hoping for the best but just to do the best.

And I don't know why the hell I refer to myself as 'He' when it's actually me writing all this crap...(but true) I guess it's more professional making people think i paid someone to do it for me HAHAH!.

(A bit of brutal honesty taste for you)

Geos' Sound

He developed his own style throughout the yeas, very distinctive sound, it is big, fat, clean, bright with attack, full of balls and a dash of chorus as you can hear in the music. Plays guitar and records it too in his projects. Song writer by nature and arranger.

Geos uses Gallien Krueger Head 700RB2 

Hartke VX410 Cabs

Spector 4 and 5 Strings Basses / Fender Geos Custom Bass 4 strings

All electric basses fitted with Active EMG Pickups

On the floor Super Chorus Boss / MXR D.I. Box

Electro - Acoustic Bass Takamine

Electro - Acoustic Guitar Takamine / Tanglewood 12 strings

LTD Electric guitar EC -401

Ortega - Classical guitar

Latest News

A Geos's New project is on the way 'SANGUINEM' 2019, a melodic groovy Death-Metal featuring Jerry Sadowski from Ace Mafia, the project is at the recording stage, and a gig coming soon in September 8th at The Dev. Keep tuned on this one!

Ace Mafia has reformed 25th January 2018!!! New EP coming soon, Shows to be announced.


Also Geos is currently working on a new project 'GEOMAGNETIST' with many well known names, old band members and some collaborations. 

This new project is a heartfelt and full of energy one, life experiences and raw feelings wanting to come out. Melodic heaviness and power grooves among the trails. Stayed tuned and subscribe for the latest updates. 

Ace Mafia EP featuring Richie Faulkner and Geomagnetist EP out NOW!


Geos Discography

Geomagnetist - EP 2018
Ace Mafia - Ace Mafia 2018
Richie Faulkner (Judas Priest)
On lead/Rhythm guitar
Killit - Shut It Down 2016
Ace Mafia - Vicious Circle 2009
Richie Faulkner (Judas Priest)
On lead guitar
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